Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not sleeping!

I am awake at almost 3:30am and watching this show about the world after people are gone. It is pretty interesting to hear what scientists think will happen - too bad no one will be here to see it. I would love to be able to get to sleep quickly every night. (oh my there is a tiger on the white hosue lawn!) Tony's head hits the pillow, and before I can fix the covers, he is asleep. How wonderful that must be!! I would be happy with 5 or 10 minutes, but usually on a good night I wait around at least an hour. Tonight I am attempting to reset my body clock. We will see what happens . . .

I am so excited about the upcoming warm weather! Tomorrow (this) morning we are going to play at a park nearby, and Friday morn we are going to the zoo. Saturday Austin has his first soccer game. It will be a different experience for him since usually it is FREEZING for his first game in the spring. I am glad we won't have to be bundled up in blankets for his game.

Next weekend we go to Indy for the 5k (mini marathon also but not up to that yet!) I am excited to be back down there, even for a short period of time. Tony, Drew and I are going down Friday and spending the night and then after the race we are hopefully going to visit my grandparents in southern Indiana. I am looking forward to seeing them - I was a lot better at going to their house when we only lived an hour away. That is one of the many things I miss about living in Greenwood. I know my grandma especially will be tickled to see how big Drew has grown. I would like to take Austin also but he can't miss his game since we will be in Michigan the weekend after for a wedding. (note to self: buy gift, find dress)

I have reread this post and have pretty much babbled, but hey it is really late - or early? - and I am obviously not all with it!


seeree, phd said...

when i get really desperate for sleep, i take benadryl before i go to bed. i know it's bad, but if i'm desperate i will do it.

i was awake last night at 3:30 too! i had to read for an hour to fall back asleep.

and, if you have time to visit, we would love to see you while you're in indy!?

Beth said...

I can definitely talk to Tony about visiting! I would love to see you and Adam and your new house :)