Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh What A Beautiful Day!

Today is gorgeous!!! It is sunny and warm and my kids are in shorts! I wish the zoo opened today instead of tomorrow - we definitely would have gone!

We went to a cool park down here in Aboite by the YMCA today. Drew of course wanted to do all the big kid stuff that he is not able to do yet, but I put him in a swing and he went down a little slide and through a tunnel a bunch of times. He also was playing in this mulch/rock play area and bumped his head : ( All is well though.

Austin was bored at first - the swings were all taken when we arrived and it was mostly little kids since it's a school day. He did eventually find a friend and they played on the tire swing and regular swings for a long time. The swings have always had a big pull for him. He also did the monkey bars for the first time since last fall. He needs his callused hands back!

The zoo opens tomorrow and as long as the weather cooperates WE ARE GOING TUESDAY!!! I am so excited because we have a season pass (thanks mom and dad) so we can go at least every week and since we homeschool we don't have to go on the weekends. Africa opens in June, which should be amazing - expecially since it has been closed for 2 (?) years.

I am so glad we have days like this where we can go play outside and have a great time. I am looking forward to many more days as it gets warmer and warmer.

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seeree, phd said...

I totally agree with Austin about the swings. I lOVE the swings and drove by a park the other day and totally wanted to stop and swing for a bit. Being a grownup made me not stop then, but someday soon I will need to have a little kid moment soon and swing swing swing!! And if you guys ever make it down here to the Indy zoo, let me know, I might just have to join you. I love the zoo!!