Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We've moved!

We are officially in our new place! I have almost everything unpacked, except for the DVDs and Cds and some books I don't have a bookshelf for. Why I ever gave away a bookshelf, I'll never know. It has been so nice unpacking our things - some I forgot we had!

Austin unpacked most of his books and toys, and I could hear him say "I remember you!" or "I am so glad you're back!" It was so cute to listen to his excitement. : ) I am loving the boys both with their own rooms. Besides making bedtime easier, Austin doesn't have to make sure to put all his toys away (especially important if the bionicles are having a battle!). I told him he will have to mega clean once in awhile, but for now all I need is a toy free path to his bed. Those bionicle and lego pieces sure hurt the feet!

If anyone knows of a bookshelf for cheap let me know (I'm talking garage sale/goodwill cheap). I would love to empty every box soon!

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